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CASTCorp International is a California corporation established in 2007. Our founders were four United States and California law enforcement officials with more than a century of law enforcement and intelligence experience at the management, supervisory and first-responder levels between them. Their experiences in combating and defending against terrorism, coupled with the experiences brought forth from the consultants recruited to join them, span four decades, from the Lebanese Civil War of the 70’s, to the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, to the attacks of September 11, 2001 and on to the post-9/11 battlefields of the Middle East.  With these experiences and skill-sets providing the foundation, CASTCorp International was launched, offering its core competencies of threat assessment services, as well as anti and counter-terrorism training, to governments, law enforcement agencies and industry worldwide.

From that narrowly focused beginning, our company’s mission has expanded greatly to include myriad other security, investigative and legal services. We have amassed a network of expert consultants, instructors and investigators that represent virtually every discipline and skill-set within the law enforcement, physical security, cyber security and investigative worlds. With few exceptions, those being within certain high technology and language arts fields, all of our consultants, instructors and investigators hail from the ranks of the active, former and retired law enforcement, military and intelligence communities.

Today, thanks to our constantly expanding consortium of investigators, consultants and associates, CASTCorp International is uniquely positioned to deliver unparalleled Consulting, Assessment, Security, Training (CAST) and Investigative Services, tailored to meet the specific and varied needs of our clients.  That is our mission as well as our value and commitment to you, our clients.

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