Featured Courses/Seminars

LEM – Law Enforcement/Military Audiences only
CIV – Adaptable for Non-Law Enforcement Audiences
SEC – Private Security Audiences

Active-Shooter Response (LEM, SEC)

Lone gunman or coordinated Mumbai-style assault, after the first shot is fired, every second a response is delayed could equate to a life lost. For attacks at a school or college campus, public place, or the workplace, we will train your officers or armed security force to act with whatever resources are available, to respond quickly, smartly and decisively in a counter-assault.

Contact and Cover (LEM, SEC)

Co-developed by one of our consultants following the 1984 shooting deaths of two San Diego police officers and the wounding of a third during a “routine” field interview, the philosophy and tactics of Contact and Cover have become foundational within officer-safety and street survival curriculum for law enforcement officers throughout the United States.

Courtroom Testimony for Law Enforcement (LEM)

Testifying in court is an essential yet often under-emphasized job skill for every law enforcement officer. The information presented in this course will provide new and veteran members of our profession with the skills necessary to make an effective presentation in the courtroom. Truthfulness by itself is not a guarantee of success. The old adage of “it’s not what you say, but how you say it” really applies here. How an officer looks and sounds to the judge or jury will often determine the degree of credibility his/her testimony will be afforded. We will review the guidelines attorneys use to judge witness credibility, along with how attitudes and beliefs impact testimony. An officer’s mastery of testimonial basics will weigh heavily on the outcome of his/her cases during the course of a career.

I.E.D.-Improvised Explosive Devices (LEM, SEC)

From the current battlefields of the Middle East, our instructors bring a unique and invaluable, firsthand perspective to the discussions of I.E.D. and pre-cursor material identification, threat realization and recognition, post-placement hazard management and target hardening. Includes V.I.E.D. (Vehicle-borne Improvised Devices).

Leadership Skill Building (LEM, CIV, SEC)

The concept of “leadership” means different things to each of us. Notwithstanding the various ways leadership has been defined, several components or elements are central to the phenomenon of leadership regardless. Leadership is a process, it involves influence, it occurs within a context and it involves goal attainment. This course will focus on acts and behaviors – the things leaders do to bring about a change within a group. Behaviors can be learned and leaders can be developed.

Motivating the Unmotivated (LEM, CIV, SEC)

No doubt everyone has seen the horse race where all the horses bolt out of the gate except for the one who simply refuses to join-in the fun. The jockey tries, but there’s nothing he can do to motivate the horse to get enthused about sprinting down the track. The horse is simply not buying whatever the jockey is selling. In the horse race known as the workplace, the best of leaders cannot motivate a staff; they are motivated for their own reasons. In all business and professional environments, understanding the individual nature of human motivation and knowing how to apply specific strategies in the right situations can make the difference between not leaving the stable and crossing the finish-line a winner.

Counter-Terrorism: Critical Skills for Law Enforcement (LEM, SEC)

This course is an advanced, comprehensive overview focusing on the critical new roles and responsibilities of line level officers and investigators in analyzing and developing proactive measures to fight the shadow war on terrorism.

Counter-Terrorism: Critical Skills for Line Level Officers (LEM, SEC)(3 days)

This is an advanced training curriculum designed specifically for line level personnel focusing on proactive roles and strategies to counter the contemporary terrorist threat.

Force Multipliers: Building Law Enforcement/Community Partnerships in the War on Terror (LEM)

This is a training-the-trainer course designed to provide law enforcement personnel with the knowledge, skills and resources to teach anti-terrorism skills to public and private sector community groups.

 Terrorism Awareness for Law Enforcement/Terrorism in America (LEM)

Certified by Standards in Training for Correction (STC), this is a basic course covering major concepts, ideologies and prominent groups.

Terrorism Overview (CIV)

This is an overview on contemporary terrorism issues for civilian audiences.

 War Games Exercise for Law Enforcement (LEM)(3-5 days)

This is a developed, highly intense, interactive scenario involving adversarial teams (Blue Team: Force protection issues; Red Team: Terrorist tradecraft and attack methodologies), face-to-face in a realistic, winner take all conflict.