Computer Forensics & Electronic Data Recovery

Computer Forensics

That key piece of evidence that could prove your case undoubtedly resides on someone’s computer.

Computer forensics is the science of identifying, recovering, extracting, preserving and documenting electronically stored information, or ESI. The intelligence and law enforcement worlds have used this technology since the mid 1980’s. Since 1999, thanks to innovations in computer hardware and software, application of these tools in corporate risk management and civil litigation has become a realistic objective. The technology is comprehensive, expedient and cost effective.

Types of investigations where computer forensics can be an essential element:

  • Theft of intellectual property / Trade Secret
  • Destruction of, or misappropriation of data
  • Alteration of data, files or information; alteration/misuse of programs
  • Unauthorized access to a computer system
  • Unauthorized use of a company’s computer for private gain
  • Downloading/distribution of pornographic material
  • Email misuse
  • Insurance fraud
  • Terrorism
  • Blackmail
  • Money Laundering
  • Child pornography/child solicitation
  • Internet email tracing
  • Collection of digital evidence at web sites, newsgroups, and chat rooms
  • Online auction fraud
  • Death investigation
  • Civil Rights Law
  • Employment Law