Critical Incident Response

Around the clock… around the globe

Worldwide and within hours, we can have a Critical Incident Response Team (C.I.R.T.), consisting of appropriate subject-matter expert consultants and/or investigators, assembled and en route to any site to assist your management teams in dealing with incidents involving:

  • Cyber Attack
  • Death
  • Employee Trauma
  • Environmental Damage
  • Industrial Accident
  • Natural Disaster
  • Personal Injury
  • Property Damage

Crisis Management

Our crisis management consultants are all current or retired law enforcement managers and supervisors. For our U.S. clients, it is important to note that our consultants are all NIMS/ICS trained and certified. That means that they will be able to help design response strategies that will be fully compatible with the National Incident Management and Incident Command systems employed by your community’s emergency management agencies.


We maintain an international network of experienced investigators located throughout North America and much of the industrialized world. This Partner Affiliate Network, available to us and to you 7/24, enables us to respond immediately, with trained investigator(s), to any site, for the purpose of triaging the need for and the initiation of professional investigative services. It is critical to understand that the first few minutes and certainly the first few hours following any industrial accident or critical incident will usually determine how an organization and its people will weather the storm that is likely to follow. Lawyers and the legal process have the luxury of taking years to review evidence and resolve issues of liability. However, you may have but a few hours to identify, document and secure precious perishable evidence before it is lost, stolen, destroyed, or in the case of direct evidence (witness accounts), forgotten, or tainted by the passage of time, or influences from external forces. Our job is to find the facts and to ensure that all available evidence in support of the facts is properly documented in the most comprehensive and expeditious manner possible. Our ability to promptly dispatch a team of multi-discipline experts to almost anywhere in the world is what sets us apart.