Service of Process

  • Traditional
  • High-Risk
  • Sting Operations

Our service is intended for those parties that have been difficult to locate and serve through normal means. We recently tracked down and served an individual that the FBI, with its unlimited resources, needed our help to find.

Because we employ only former and retired law enforcement officers, we cannot guarantee that we will be the least expensive service available, or even close to it.  What we can guarantee is that there will never be a doubt as to whether the subject/witness party was legally served as attested. That means that as a litigator, you won’t have to face the uncertainty or embarrassment associated with a faulty service of process and your client won’t have to suffer the consequences.

High-risk service is performed by a minimum of two (2) armed consultants. Circumstances may dictate the use of additional personnel. Clients will be advised of anticipated costs in advance of service.

We currently provide in-house service in the Southern California counties of Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura, as well as nationwide, through our network of Partner Affiliate private investigators.

Additional costs may be incurred for last-minute service (30 days or less).