Traffic Management Consulting

With the focus always on safety and risk mitigation first and foremost, then on convenience, our team of retired law enforcement traffic managers and supervisors will draw on their experiences in the field and knowledge of the law to offer advice on how best to design and manage vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns in and around your school or business. This might include:

  • One-directional traffic flows
  • Parking area design / redesign
  • Passenger drop-offs & pick-ups
  • Pedestrian safe zones
  • Proper (legal) signage

As public officials and as private contractors, we have designed and managed traffic plans for:

  • Commercial properties
  • Marathons
  • Parade routes
  • Public schools
  • Special events
  • Sports venues

One final note, when it comes to traffic planning, on occasion, the interests of the private property owner or operator and those of the public can become competing forces. As former law enforcement officials – turned private sector consultants, we can appreciate the view from both sides of the street. And, because of that unique and sometimes broader perspective, we are often in a position to help those competing interests arrive at mutually beneficial solutions.