Event Security Planning

Small gathering of guests including dignitaries and high-profile individual(s), or major public event with anticipated attendance in the thousands, we have a team of former law enforcement security planners ready to consult with you about every aspect of security planning for your event. As law enforcement managers and supervisors and as private contractors, our consultants have been there as planners for:

  • 5 Super Bowls and dozens of Super Bowl related events
  • 1 World Series
  • 1 post-World Series parade
  • X-Games
  • 1 “Rock ‘n Roll Marathon”
  • PGA Tour events
  • 50+ major events at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium


Since we are career law enforcement professionals ourselves, we bring to the table what many others cannot: A shared perspective on the mission as well as a common bond with the public safety officials that serve your community. That inherent connectivity could be of great benefit as you plan for current and future events and as you work toward building and strengthening security partnerships with your public safety services providers.