The initial collision review is perhaps the most critical step on the road to resolving your case.

In the law enforcement world collision investigation is a specialty area like homicide, arson and financial crimes investigation. Officers who choose to enter this field often spend much or most of their careers attending schools, learning and refining technical skill-sets and, of course, testifying in criminal and civil proceedings. These officers tend to be highly-motivated, detail-driven perfectionists. They are exactly the type of investigators you should want reviewing your case and exactly the type of investigators we employ at  CASTCorp International.

Before you decide to drive your case down the road to the next destinations, reconstruction and ultimately litigation, why not allow our veteran collision investigators to perform an initial review. Our examination will include:

Witness / Participant Interviews

  • To clarify statements and establish credibility

The Investigative Report

  • To make sure that all relevant and available data was properly recorded and that the right questions were asked of participants and witnesses; and

Proximate Cause Determination

  • Or legal application of the law to known facts, including:
    • Application of shared liability
    • Associated factors – mitigating liability, or causation, or red herring for litigation.

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