Supervising Consultant

CASTCorp International is honored and privileged to announce that veteran homicide investigator and former hotel security director, Ed Stevens, has joined our team of expert consultants and investigators. Ed has agreed to lead our cold-case investigations team and to serve as Supervising Consultant for our hotel and resort security consulting efforts.

Ed was the Lieutenant of the San Diego Police Department’s Robbery/Homicide Unit when he officially retired from law enforcement after 28 years of service. However, because of his investigative acumen, retirement from homicide investigation was simply not to be his destiny. Since “officially” retiring from the SDPD, he has continually been called upon to serve as a homicide consultant. To date, he has served 7 different law enforcement agencies in this capacity, working on some of San Diego County’s highest profile homicide cases. The SDPD called Ed out of retirement to serve on a homicide task force and to consult on the investigation into the execution-style murder of one of their own, Officer Kirk Johnson. In all, from 1964 to present, Ed has been involved in more than 600 homicide investigations, including serial murder cases, as an investigator, case manager and consultant.

Ed launched his second career in 1978, accepting the position of Director of Corporate Security for San Diego-based Atlas Hotels Corporation. For the next 15 years, he managed all security operations for 11 hotel properties in the U.S. and Mexico, which included 52 armed security officers and supervisors. As security director, Ed was responsible for establishing all corporate security policies and procedures, conducting all corporate investigations, including interior and exterior criminal offenses as well as guest and employee accidents and injuries, hiring all supervisory personnel and maintaining liaison with national and local law enforcement agencies. He also authored three operational manuals for Atlas Hotels: “Standard Operating Procedures”, “Canine Patrol and Drug Detection”, and “Earthquake, Fire and Flood Response”. Although now retired from Atlas Hotels, Ed continues to serve as a security consultant for them and now, for CASTCorp International.

Ed served on the California Department of Justice’s Advisory Committee for the development of the Homicide and Criminal Investigator’s curriculum. He served on the Board of Directors of the California Homicide Investigator’s Association and he served 8 years on the Oral Board for the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Ed is a graduate of the F.B.I.’s Anti-Terrorism Course and the U.S. Secret Service’s V.I.P. Protection Course. He holds a California Lifetime Teaching Credential in the field of Police Science and a Researcher/Canine license from the Drug Enforcement Administration. He has been an instructor and guest lecturer at four community colleges. Since 1980, Ed has lectured various audiences on the subject of self-defense against rape for women.

During his police career, Ed authored a paper entitled, “Mandatory Steps in Homicide Investigation” and he co-wrote (with Susan Singer) the “Sex Crimes Investigation Handbook”.