Thomas J. Broxtermann, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant

CASTCorp International is honored and privileged to announce that Thomas Broxtermann, Ph.D., has joined our team of expert consultants and instructors. Dr. Broxtermann is a veteran San Diego Police officer with more than 25 years of street experience. He also holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and is a university professor in the field of Criminal Justice and Forensics.

Since 1996, Thomas has been a highly respected and sought-after instructor within the State of California’s law enforcement community. He has shared his expertise with law enforcement audiences from one end of The Golden State to the other, covering a host of industry topics, including, utilizing verbal skills to avoid physical confrontation, dealing with workplace stress and anger management. His academic credentials, coupled with his policing experience, combine to give Thomas a unique and powerful perspective on behavioral issues in the workplace. As an instructor, he possesses a highly-engaging, down-to-earth teaching style that relies on examples of realistic human challenges, brought to life with heavy doses of humor. As the testimonials confirm, students participating in Thomas’ classes are put at ease from beginning to end and leave feeling enriched by having had the opportunity of attending.

Dr. Broxtermann is a recognized expert on the effects of stress in the workplace. And now, as a member of the CASTCorp International team, his talents and expertise, as both a teacher and an expert consultant, are being made available to clients outside of California for the first time.


  • “Instructor is skillful, clever and absolutely entertaining. He’s a real gem.”
  • “Dr. B made class very entertaining. There was lots of info presented that can be used immediately in my job.”