• 2-Dimensional scaled flat-mapping
  • 3-Dimensional scaled mapping
    • Total Station Site Surveys (areas under 4000 feet)
    • Large Area Digital Elevation Modeling (neighborhoods, cities)


  • Path of Travel Documentation
  • Time / Distance of Route Documentation
  • Global Positioning of Forensic Mapping Services
  • GIS Mapping

Photography (35mm)

  • Basic Scene Documentation
  • Quick Response Documentation – Recent Event (U.S. only; contact us for regional availability)
    • Fresh, non-permanent collision evidence
      • Skid Marks
      • Fluid Stains
    • Unsafe Conditions
      • Slip / Trip & Falls
      • Workplace Injuries
  • Damaged Vehicle Documentation
  • Human Injury Documentation
  • High Resolution Imaging (gigapixel)
  • High Dynamic Range Imaging
  • Night / Low Light Photography
  • Simultaneous Multi-Camera/Location/Angle Capability
  • Virtual Tour production

Photogrammetry (measurements from photographs)

  • Locate Camera Location and Orientation of Photograph – Unknown Camera (including panoramic images and aerial photography)
  • Measurements from Photographs (including panoramic images and aerial photography)
  • Calculate / Remove Camera Lens Distortion
  • Perform Image Rectification
  • Build Scaled, 3-Dimensional Models from Photographs (vehicles, streets, buildings)
  • Capture Scaled, High Resolution 3-Dimensional Models (foot/shoeprints, tire tracks, human injuries – similar to laser scanning)
  • “Project” or “Wrap” Photographs around 3-Dimensional Models (including panoramic images, aerial photography and photographs taken by police, clients and witnesses)

High-Definition Video

  • Scene Documentation, Quick Response (U.S. only; contact us for regional availability), Vehicle Damage, Human Injury, etc.
  • Collision Scene Drive-Thru Documentation
  • Simultaneous Multi-Camera/Location/Angle Capability

High-Definition Video Photogrammetry (measurements from video)

  • All items included in “Photogrammetry” (above)
  • Match-moving
    • Combine Video Footage with Computer Animation
    • Watch Incident occur Over Video of Actual Scene