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Our Worldwide Network of Partner Affiliates & Expert Consultants

A & J Investigations
Accurate Polygraph Services, Inc. (APG)
Advanced Investigation LLC
Advantage Investigation & Protection, LLC
Alaska Investigations
AllCal Investigators
Alliance Forensic Sciences, LLC
(formerly Alliance Forensic Services)
A Pineda Private Investigation & Polygraph Service
Appomattox Private Investigations, LLC
ARA Fraud & Forensic Services – New Partner Affiliate, 2016
ARCY Professional Investigations, Inc.
Arkansas Investigations
Badge Behavior, Thomas Broxtermann, PhD.
BCD Investigations
Beck Forensics, Inc.
Biello Security / Investigation, LLC
BLP Investigations
Bowlin Investigations – New Partner Affiliate, 2016
Buffalo Security & Investigation
Buzzell & Associates
CCI Private Investigations Inc.
Clark’s Leading Edge Accident Reconstruction – New Partner Affiliate, 2016
Connecticut Investigative Services
Dalman Investigations
Davis & Associates
Defensive Systems, Inc.
Doddridge Detective Agency
DRS Investigations, LLC
DSS Investigations
Eagle Eye Security Solutions, Inc. – New Partner Affiliate, 2016
Ed Johnson & Associates, Inc.
Ellis, Christopher
Evidence Incorporated
Evidence Photography | Videography
Fitzgerald Group, The
Global Reliance Investigations – New Partner Affiliate, 2016
Gold Investigations, Inc.
Hawkeye Security and Investigation
Hawkins Group, The
Hessee & Associates Investigative Services
Hetu, Richard – New Expert Consultant, 2017
Hogquist, Charles (Retired Chief of Police)
Hudson Investigations – New Partner Affiliate, 2017
International Investigations Group, Inc.
International Ocean Logistics
J. Cronan Associates
Jim Stam Forensic Consulting
John D. McShane & Associates
J.P. Investigative Group
K9 Accelerant Detection & Consulting Service, LLC – New Partner Affiliate, 2017
Kellerman Investigations, Ltd.
Klamser, Carol, ANP, PA-C, MSN, SANE-A
Latin America Group, Inc, The
LAW Investigative Group, LLC
Lawson, Pamela B. – New Expert Consultant, 2016
Litigation Intelligence Services, LLC
Los Angeles Detective Agency – New Partner Affiliate, 2017
Maine Private Investigators Service
Merritt Investigative Services, LLC
Monahan Investigations
North Central Investigation
Oregon Private Investigators
O’Rourke Investigative Associates, Inc.
Orton, Michael
Partch, Donald
Perspective Media Group
Priority Investigations & Protective Services
Private Investigations Inc.
Pyramid Investigative Resources
Rocky Mountain Crime Consultants, LLC
Shelton Investigations LLC
Silvania Investigative Services
Sin City Private Investigators – New Partner Affiliate, 2016
Sinclair Investigation Services Ltd.
S.J. Miller Associates, LLC
Sorensen, Cindy, PCP
Sparino Investigations, LLC
Special Agents International
S. Robinson & Associates
Tac Forensics and Investigations
Target Investigations and Security, Inc.
Toneck, Daniel
Underwater Criminal Investigators, LLC
Watchful Eye Investigations, LLC
Watermark Investigations Group
Whitestar Group, Inc.
WJL Investigations, Inc.