• Child Abduction by Family Member
  • Child Abduction by Non-Family Member
  • Kidnap for Ransom/Extortion
  • Runaway Teenager

In this highly-charged and sensitive investigative arena, the relationships developed with counterparts and colleagues around the world are often the most critical key to locating a missing person and aiding in their safe reunification with family and friends. Over the course of their professional careers, our consultant- investigators have been “boots on the ground”, as the saying goes, in 105 countries and counting, and many of those on multiple occasions.

Email us at imp@castcorpinternational.com and let us re-contact you to discuss how we may be of assistance. Please understand, however, that staff availability, unrealistic client expectations, ethical issues, exceptional hazard and/or geo-political considerations, may limit our ability to assist with some requests.