Internal/External Investigations

Our investigators are former or retired law enforcement professionals, and/or, in the case of the high- technology fields of cyber investigations and computer forensics, are former U.S. military specialists, who work, or have worked with law enforcement as recognized experts in their respective fields.

  • Background Searches
    Conducted via open source documents, internet social networking sources and the “Deep Web.”
  • Civil Litigation Research & Investigation
    (See Civil Litigation Research)
  • Cold Case Investigations
    Managed by Ed Stevens, renowned retired homicide lieutenant for the San Diego Police Department.
    (See Consultant Profile)
  • Computer Forensics & Electronic Data Recovery
    (See Computer Forensics)
  • Crime Scene Reconstruction
  • Criminalistics (Analysis & Expert Opinion)
    Provided by James Stam, retired supervisor for the San Diego Police Department Crime Lab.
    (See Consultant Profile)
  • Databases 
    (See Databases)
  • International Missing Person Locating/Recovery Services 
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  • Missing Persons
    (See Private Investigations below)
  • Polygraph Examination
    (Planned for mid 2011)
  • Pre-Employment Background Screenings
    (Planned for early 2011)
  • Private Investigations (California Licensed)
    (Planned for early 2011; some services currently available through affiliate firms)
  • Scene Documentation
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  • Translator Services
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