Risk Assessment, Attack & Penetration Testing, Operating System & Application Base-Lining, Remote Access Solutions, Wireless Solutions, Network Design


CASTCorp International and our partner affiliates provide Information Technology (IT) solutions for many of today’s technical challenges. We provide a comprehensive range of network security assessment, architecture and implementation services designed to help our clients operate in a safe IT environment and to maximize the return on their technology investments. We can help with:

  • Policy development, review and implementation
  • Certification and Accreditation (C&A)
  • Intrusion detection and analysis
  • System audits and architectural analysis
  • Firewall, VPN and wireless solutions

We monitor firewalls and intrusion detection systems in search of potential threats. We perform
security research and engineering to provide the best solutions for safeguarding, monitoring and
assessing the security of IT assets. We perform verification, validation and accreditation in accordance
with the U.S. Department of Defense outline. We also perform network security evaluations and
assessments using the National Security Agency’s INFOSEC Assessment and Evaluation Methodology.


Security and vulnerability assessments are focused on seeking-out and identifying system vulnerabilities
without necessarily exploiting or compromising the system.


An often misunderstood concept, penetration-testing is focused on gaining access to (penetrating)
a target environment by exploiting discovered vulnerabilities and then stealing data from that
environment. It constitutes ethical hacking with the object being to compromise a target system.


A security audit is the process of measuring things against a fixed, predetermined and rigorous set of


Our Partner Affiliate Consultants have experience in network security monitoring and incident
response with both classified and unclassified networks. They have designed, installed, configured and
maintained numerous Department of Defense networks and have conducted cyber threat assessments
and performed penetration testing for mission-critical IT assets worldwide.