What We Provide

Risk Management

We don’t sell insurance, nor do we suggest that you don’t or won’t need insurance; far from it. However, we can help you self-insure, to a large extent, and perhaps even help to reduce the costs of insurance, by providing solutions and recommendations that address your foremost concerns: Your people, your property, your image, your financial assets and the environment. We accomplish this through:

  • Policy Review
    • Reviewing existing policies and procedures
    • Inspection of policy implementation: Policy vs. Practice
    • Recommendation of policy additions / amendments where appropriate
  • Developing / Presenting Employee Training
  • Testing & Examination
    • Testing employee knowledge of policies and procedures
    • Physically inspecting work sites for adherence to policies and procedures
  • Personnel Policy Review / Recommendations
    • Inspecting to see that employee work standards are being enforced and enforced uniformly
    • Evaluating HR policies and their impact on work productivity
    • Helping to establish a meaningful and enforceable substance abuse policy
    • Helping to establish violence in the workplace policies
    • Reviewing all personal conduct / EEO policies and training

Other Considerations

Of course, not all liabilities exist within an internally controlled policy and procedures framework. Clearly, there are other internal threats, such as those existing within the electronic environment, as well as those that exist externally, some of which are beyond management’s ability to influence or control. However, it is important to recognize that threats to the functionality of internal systems and data, as well as external physical threats, can all be successfully mitigated with the proper knowledge and tools. We encourage you to review our computer forensics, cyber security, threat assessment and site security assessment capabilities on this site. By fusing together all of our competencies, CASTCorp International can provide your organization or business with a comprehensive and fully integrated risk management plan.

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