Christopher Lorenzo

Senior Forensic Animator

CASTCorp International is honored and privileged to announce that Christopher Lorenzo has joined our team of expert consultants and instructors. Christopher brings more than 10 years of computer graphics experience to our consortium. In addition to taking on the role of Senior Forensic Animator with CASTCorp International, he still runs the firm that he founded, specializing in 3D modeling and animation for forensic and architectural media.

Christopher holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture and is a certified instructor in the field of Technology Education. He studied 3D Visualization at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Of particular value to the legal profession is that he holds the distinction of being one of the very few animators in the field today to have received formal training in the presentation of forensic data.

In a 2006 landmark murder case, a 68-year old Toledo (Ohio) priest, Father Gerald Robinson, was convicted of a brutal, ritualistic killing of a Catholic nun. The murder took place 26 years earlier, in a chapel that no longer existed at the former downtown Toledo Mercy Hospital. The prosecution called upon Christopher to create a 3D animation of the crime scene and to demonstrate how Robinson could have moved from one point in the chapel, commit the murder and then return, all in the timeframe it had been determined to have taken place.

Mr. Lorenzo is a certified expert on Forensic Animation in multiple states. His work has been showcased on several nationally broadcast news and television series, including CourtTV’s “Forensic Files”. His work is also featured on this website.